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Drew Associates
Drew Associates was founded in 1960 with the production, Primary

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  Yanki No!
    After the US forces Cuba out of the OAS, demonstrations erupt in Venezuela. In Cuba Castro addresses a rally of one million people. 53:17 minutes. Broadcast ABC series title "Close Up".
Co-produced by: Time Inc., ABC-TV, Drew Associates.
Producer, Director Robert Drew
Part I: Land of the White Ghost
Part II: Land of the Black Ghost
    Political growth and parliamentary elections in Kenya. 2x30 minutes. Broadcast ABC,
series "Close Up".
Co-produced by: Time Inc.,ABC News,Drew Associates
Executive Producer: Robert Drew
    First candid film made on a foreign chief of state -- three weeks in his life. 53:40 minutes. Broadcast syndication, series title "The Living Camera".
Co-produced by: Time-Life Broadcast, Drew Associates Executive Producer: Robert Drew
  Aga Kahn
    Six months with the new Aga Khan as he takes over the duties of his grandfather. 57:08 minutes. Broadcast syndication, series title "The Living Camera".
  Mission to Malaya
    Peace Corps nurses in Malaya. 52:18 minutes. Broadcast ABC.
Producer: Hope Ryden. Executive Producer: Robert Drew
  Letters From Vietnam
    First candid sync sound filming of men in combat. Producer Gregory Shuker and cameraman Abbot Mills fly 60 combat missions in helicopters fitted also with automatic cameras. 51:05 minutes. Broadcast ABC.
  Herself, Indira Gandhi
    Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India candidly recorded during a crucial period when she persuades her son, Rajiv, to enter politics and helps him win his first election to Parliament. 58 minutes. Broadcast PBS.
First Prize, Global Village Film Festival; Cine Golden Eagle.
Producer: Anne Drew, Executive Producer, Robert Drew
  The Tall Ships Are Coming
    Sail training in Europe by the captains and crews of a half dozen tall ships preparing for a trans- Atlantic race to the United States.
30 minutes. For IBM.Broadcast PBS
Cine Golden Eagle.
  Men of the Tall Ships
A trans-Atlantic sailing race and grand entrance into New York Harbor for "Op-Sail '76" as seen from six tall ships. 56:18 minutes.
  Parade of the Tall Ships
    The spectacle of the Tall Ships parading into New York Harbor July 4, 1976. 21:49 minutes. For IBM Broadcast PBS.
First Prize, American Industrial Film Festival; Cine Golden Eagle.
  London to Peking:The Great Motoring Challenge
    1989-1990 48 minutes. Broadcast ESPN.
  Life and Death of a Dynasty
    The story of the three generations of India's Nehru-Gandhi dynasty seen through candid photography over a 30 year period. 90 Minutes. Boradcast BBC, PBS
Cine Golden Eagle, 92
Producers: Anne Drew, Robert Drew
  From Two Men and a War
    Robert Drew’s war as a teen age fighter pilot, room mate of Ernie Pyle and how the experience influenced his development of Cinema Verite.